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Choosing your Route

You might believe that the key to successful investing is buying a diverse group of securities and holding them for years, but over the past decade—and for long stretches of the past century—that approach alone hasn’t been effective.

When markets are volatile, we believe it is particularly important to avoid deep losses in your portfolio. We have access to a variety of asset allocation approaches that address varying market conditions. They range from aggressively seeking to capture market returns to minimizing risk regardless of market direction. By combining approaches, and aligning them with your goals, we strive to help your portfolio perform optimally to reduce the impact of market volatility.

The investments we recommend are based on research by a variety of established industry professionals. Their strategies are regularly monitored to assure they’re sound, and that they appropriately reflect those professionals’ investment philosophies. These strategists range from large institutions to smaller specialists—together they provide a broad range of approaches that accommodate nearly all investor needs. As your life circumstances change, we can alter the mix of these approaches to reflect them. 

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