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Our Services and Fees

Our commitment to you

DC Strategies holistic goal based approach educates clients in the options that are available to them while creating and implementing strategies that clients understand.

How we help you succeed

Our fiduciary standards provides cost-efficient portfolio construction, comprehensive wealth management, and ongoing reviews to hep you achieve your long term goals.

Understand your goalsGather information about your situationEvaluate your situationDiscuss optionsCreate and implement your planMonitor your planDiscuss updates and observations

Reach your goals | Maintain confidence | Balance risks, rewards

Our services

We offer a range of planning resources and services to help you reach your goals:

• Comprehensive portfolio management • Investment strategies • Estate planning
• Ongoing investment monitoring • Insurance solutions • Retirement planning
• Periodic reviews • Wealth management • Coordination with other professionals
• Financial planning • Income distribution • Tax strategies

How we communicate with you

Scheduled outreach includes regular planning reviews, check-ins, ongoing education opportunities, and our informative client newsletter. You can also count on a response within 24 hours whenever you contact us with a question or concern.

Our Advice Driven Fee Structure

Our investment advisory practice is fee based. Our annual advisory fees are calculated simply as a percentage of assets under management. Our fees are not based on trading activity or commissions. The table below reflects what our fees may look like for you.

Up to $500k1.5%
$500k to $1mm1.25%
More than $1mm1.00%

* Additional charges may apply based on planning needs. Consult your advisor for fee arrangement specific to your circumstances.


Daniel Chen / Financial Planner 732-982-2170 x101

Dan specializes in delivering wealth management solutions to a growing affluent population. His customizable six step process designs and implements clear strategies that have the potential to increase the probability of long term financial security. Dan delivers his consulting process to clients by designing and implementing sound strategies for achieving their wealth management and preservation goals while collaborating with their other trusted advisors, including their legal team and tax team.