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Investment Management Processes

​Developing your strategy

To create an investment strategy that seeks to keep you on course in a variety of market conditions, we need to understand your circumstances and what you want to accomplish. We work with you to answer a number of key questions.

  • What are your goals, including retirement, providing for loved ones, major purchases, or anything else important to you?
  • Do you need access to your capital in a few decades, a few years or sooner?
  • What is your appetite for risk? (Which types of investments would be best for you?)

Choosing your route

Buying and holding a stagnant allocation no longer works​

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Considering the forecast

​​We talk about our view and get your opinion of the current market and economic environment, and the outlook for future years.​

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Overcoming obstacles

On your financial journey, you’ll face many obstacles and challenges. One of them is the sheer volume of information that can bombard you.

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Staying the course

An important part of our job is keeping you informed.

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Choosing a good navigator

We specialize in working with individuals to achieve longterm results and make a difference in their lives.

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Portfolio Management Services

  • Analysis of currently held assets
  • Formulate Investment Policy Statement
  • Custom Portfolio design as needed (Taxable/Tax deferred and/or Tax Free)
  • Multiple investment strategies to coincide with the client’s short, mid, and long term financial goals

What are the Benefits of Asset Management?

  • Personalized Investment Strategy allocated by Best in Class Institutional market strategist [Strategic, Tactical Constrained, Tactical Unconstrained and Absolute Return investment approaches].

  • Your Assets are Monitored by Our Team of Professionals

  • Ongoing tactical adjustments to mitigate near and midterm risk in changing market environments while maintaining an appropriate investment profile.

  • Quarterly Performance Reporting

  • Cost Basis Accounting & Tax-Loss Harvesting

  • Portfolios designed and implemented with No-Load and Load-Waived Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Individual Stocks and Bonds and Alternative Investments

  • Custom design and imple­mentation of innovative investment strategies in an ever changing world

  • Fees charged are potentially tax deductible;