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Client Scenarios

Selling a Business

A client in his mid-fifties sold the business he started more than thirty years ago for $15 million through a corporate acquisition.

Our team's first step was to identify his specific goals of preserving his capital and increasing his income while planning a legacy for future generations. Our second step was to evaluate the inherent risk of his aggregated assets. This resulted in the design and implementation of a reallocation strategy utilizing multiple approaches to money management.

In the last seven years of working with the client, he has gained greater confidence and understanding of the strategies needed to develop sustainable income in his retirement while planning for his legacy.


Establishing a Strategy

Our team was introduced to a couple in their late fifties with accumulated assets of $2 million held at various brokerage firms. They have four children and juggle a very busy family and professional life.

After an extensive discovery process, our team concluded that the allocation of their assets amongst multiple firms did not coordinate with their mutual goals of decreasing the risk in their portfolios while increasing the probability of a secure financial future. We designed and implemented the four cornerstones of our wealth management services utilizing a customized six step process.

Since working with this couple, they have gained greater discipline and comfort in knowing that they have integrated clear strategies that will help them to achieve a more predictable outcome with a higher probability of success in securing their financial goals.