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Overcoming Obstacles

On your financial journey, you’ll face many obstacles and challenges. One of them is the sheer volume of information that can bombard you. It’s challenging to decide who to listen to, especially when those offering advice aren’t familiar with your circumstances and goals. Your money is too important—and financial products are too complex—to invest without a solid long-term plan.

The strategy we develop is created in a manner to help enable you to avoid distractions, and we provide regular guidance so you don’t get off track.

Market volatility is another big challenge for most investors. Historically, financial markets have moved through long-term cycles marked by broad gains and declines. When markets are gaining, making progress toward your goal is easier. But how do you respond when markets are declining? We can help. We’re with you for the long haul, seeking to keep you on course for your destination regardless of how the market ebbs and flows.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle between you and your financial goals may surprise you—it’s your emotions. Given information overload and market volatility, there may be times when you lose confidence—when you’ll want to change direction or even give up. Research shows that investing based on emotional responses causes many investors to make ill-timed decisions, with costly results.1 We help you counter your emotions by meeting with you to provide perspective about your long-term goals and helping you be disciplined about achieving them.

1 See Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior 2012 by Dalbar, Inc. This study found that, for the period of 1992-2011, the average equity investor saw returns of 3.49% while the Standard & Poor 500 Index saw returns of 7.81%.

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