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Questions for Advisors

  1. What Is Your Professional Experience With Regard To The Financial Markets?
  2. Have You Ever Had A Complaint Or Litigation? Can you document you have a clean compliance record? {Check Status; or call 800-289-9999}
  3. Explain your business model of advising clients. Please explain how you deliver your consulting services.
  4. How Are You Compensated? Fees vs Commissions or a Combination of Both?
  5. Are All Fees And Expenses Disclosed To Me?
  6. What Professional Designations Or Licenses Do You Currently Hold?
  7. What Type Of Clients Do You Work For?
  8. What Financial Services Do You Provide?
  9. How Do You Actively Manage Clients Assets? Please explain your investment philosophy[s].
  10. Are you a Registered Investment Advisor [RIA] or an Investment Advisor Representative [IAR]?
  11. What Companies Do You Custody Assets With And Who Is Your Back Office?
  12. Do You Currently Work Integrating Your Services with Other Financial Professional’s? CPA’s, Attorney’s, Etc.
  13. What do you consider your core competency area of expertise?
  14. Ask the Advisor to explain a investment concept to you. You want to work with an advisor that can explain concepts in language that you can understand.
  15. How do you deliver accountability? Are your performance reports GIPS audited approved?
  16. Do you comply with the “Merrill Rule” as of 1.30.06?
  17. Please explain your income planning strategies for retiree's.

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